There are 5 kinds of Unicorns divided by their RARENESS. Each possesses different indexes based on their breeds. Each Unicorn has an element bounded to them at birth and can't be changed.

1. Rareness

1.1. Common

Common Unicorns are found in the wild and possess normal stats. They are the most common Unicorns in the Lucky Unicorn Metaverse.
Fire Unicorn
Snow Unicorn
Iron Unicorn

1.2. Uncommon

Uncommon Unicorns possess higher stats and can vary in different elements, except for some uncommon unicorns. They are strong and quick in battle.
Angel Unicorn
Stupid Unicorn
Variable Unicorn

1.3. Rare

Rare Unicorns cannot be seen in the wild and difficult to encounter. They possess high stats and can crush their opponent to death quickly with their massive stats.
Dragon Unicorn
Phoenix Unicorn

1.4. Legendary

Legendary Unicorns are special types of Unicorn who possess divine power that no other Unicorn can touch. They are only been seen once in a while.

1.5. God

There are only 3 God Unicorns in the entire universe of Lucky Unicorn. Those are the one who made the Lucky Unicorn Metaverse.