Grass Farming

Looking for the green field to supply to your unicorn
Your unicorns love grass, that's why they would go out for a hunt and then come back with a pile with grass. In order to participate in this event, your unicorn need to pack 250 L99 with them as a travel fee.


  • 250 L99
  • Unicorn level 1 or above
Each turn, your unicorn will go out and look for a source of Grass. Each turn will take around 10 minutes to finish and afterwards, you can claim Grass.
There are different types of grass, you can check it out here:

Grass Type 1

Grass Type 1
A yellowish grass that are not suitable for long term eating.
Effect: will give your unicorn full for 2-4 days.

Grass Type 2

Grass Type 2
A purple kind of Grass that is weirdly effective
Effect: will give your unicorn full for 4-6 days.

Grass Type 3

Grass Type 3
Unicorns have been told about this legendary grass that will keep them full for over a weeks
Effect: will give your unicorn full for 6-8 days.

Selling on the Marketplace

You can sell your grass on the marketplace for those unicorns who are in need for it.