Play-to-earn is the core mechanism of our system, the whole system gonna reward to the users tokens and other related items

The core mechanism

Each round, unicorns can choose 1 out of 4 maps that are provided by the BLOCKCHAIN. There are multiple variables that will result in the outcome of a game. For example: the map's element versus the unicorn's element, unicorn's level,...

Rewards are based on those elements as well, the higher level of the map, the higher prize you'll get.


Level 1: EASY

At this level, player's unicorn can easily get a reward from the map. However, if the unicorn is under harsh condition against their unicorn's element, they may get some issues passing through it.

Level 2: MEDIUM

Most of the unicorns can survive this level of map. Unicorns with higher rareness tend to pass it more easily.

Level 3: HARD

Your unicorn face a quite challenging map that could give your unicorn a headache if not think carefully about the element

Level 4: EXTREME

If your unicorn is weak against the map's element, don't even think about passing through it!

Tips: You can click on "Detail" to see the potential rewards for clearing successfully the map


Maps are generated every turn player plays regarding of the outcome of the game. Each address will corresponding to 4 different maps. Players could shuffle if the maps they generated are harsh for their unicorn at 0 cost (you'll need to spend gas fee to do that). Generated maps can be identical but at different levels.

Claiming Rewards

The rewards for Play-to-earn is locked for 7 days and can be claimed anytime after 7 days. For first time players, you can claim it right away.


Figuring out what element suitable for your unicorn is vital in creating a strategy to guarantee wins. Also spend less on shuffling maps as it costs you gas. Instead, build a team of unicorn with different elements to guarantee that for every map the blockchain generated, you do have a unicorn for that.

Learn more about different maps here.

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