Blockchain & NFT Gaming

Started in 2008, Blockchain is not only a trend on the internet but affecting real life finance system also. With the development of decentralized finance (DeFi), people from anywhere around the world could freely make transactions to others with low fee while remains anonymous, transparent and reliable.
NFT Gaming is a rather new terminology in the field. While preserving the trust-less feature of blockchain, we added more value to it, helping newcomers approaching the DeFi movement. With NFT, specifications are added directly in each token, making them non fungible.

Lucky Unicorn & NFT Gaming

To preserve the best features of Blockchain as well as NFT, Lucky Unicorn team decided to use 100% on-chain assets for the whole game, which includes: Grass, Pill, Items, Equipment, Skins,...
Player are free to trade those items as an assets not only on our platform, but rather at other platforms as well. That was possible because every item in our games are implemented the ERC-721 interface.

Our vision about NFT Gaming

We are thrilled to be the early one in this GameFi movement. With the current limitation of the blockchain in general, it's not possible to bring the traditional games as you already played on-chain. As someone who are early in the game, our vision is set to explore more ideas and approaches to get the most out of it and bring valuable assets to our players.