Getting started in the game!

1. Guild

Q: How does a Guild work?

The leader of the Guild will receive 5% of all “Play to Earn” winnings from all the members in the guild. Members, however, still receive 100% of their rewards from their “Play to Earn” winnings.

Q: If I don’t join a Guild, will that affect how I play the game?

No, it doesn’t affect your combat index, your “Play to Earn” rates, or your ability in hunting grass. However, if you do decide to become part of a Guild, you will be supported well, you can participate in battles amongst other Guilds, and you’ll be protected when in battle.

Q: I missed joining a Guild; what should I do if I want to participate in one?

We currently does not have a way to help you with this, however, there will be future updates where you could purchase items to join a Guild. Stay tuned!

Q: What happens to Unicorns that are part of a Guild when I decide to trade them?

The Unicorn, after being successfully traded on the marketplace, will become a wild unicorn.

For more information about it, please refer to:


2. Unicorn Indexes

The Guide to all Unicorns:

  • Unicorns have 7 different element types: Metal – Wood – Water – Fire – Earth – Light – Dark. Some type of Unicorns will have fixed element. For example: Fire Unicorn always has Fire Element.

  • Unicorns have 5 different stats: Health – Speed – Defence – Attack – Mana. However, at the current update, only 4 stats are used excluding Mana. Newborn Unicorns will have base stats from their class, then will grow based on the user's play.

  • Unicorns have 3 types of skills: Attack, Buff, and De-buff; each Unicorn will randomly have 3 out of 30 different skill sets. The skill sets will grow in the future.

3. Rarity of Unicorns

There are 5 different rarity levels:

  • Common

  • Uncommon

  • Rare

  • Legendary

  • God

The rarity of Unicorns contributes to the power index, the “Play to earn” ability, and the ability in hunting grass. In the future, there will be more activities that depends on Unicorn Rarity.

4. Growth Injection (Pill)

Used to upgrade Unicorns to level 1 and above

Only Unicorns at a level of 1 and above can hunt for grass, fight to earn L99 tokens and get other rewards.

5. Market

It's a place where players can sell their Unicorns, grass, and NFT based items at whatever price they set, as well as where vendors and customers could transfer NFT’s as part of the Legendary Metaverse.

Tax per successful transaction: 15%

6. Play to Earn

All Unicorns (including Unicorns at level 0) can complete missions to earn L99 tokens and get their rewards. Depending on the rarity, level, and ability, each type of Unicorn has a different "Play to earn" rate (on average it takes around 6 to 20 turns). There are 14 different challenging maps, where players must deduce and choose the most suitable challenge for their Unicorn to get a well-deserved reward. For more information, refer to this:


7. Grass

Grass is a specific NFT type Effect: Provides food for a Unicorn to maintain its combat ability, it ranges from 168, 360, or 576 hours (depending on the type of grass). You can sell grass on the market to other users to feed their Unicorns or simply sell them for the purpose of trading.

Learn more about it:

pageGrass Farming

8. Types of Fees

Gas Fee: Standard Lucky Network fee; each player should have at least 0.1 L99 in their wallet to use for setting up trading commands, playing to earn, hunting grass, and combat. Each turn only uses around 0.0003$ - 0.0005$ (which is incredibly cheap compared to other competitors).

Egg purchasing fee: 6250 L99/egg

Egg hatching fee: 250 L99/egg

PTE fee: 0.2 L99/turn

Shuffle environment: 1 L99/turn

Market Taxes:

  • Unicorn trading tax: 15%

  • Grass trading tax: 15%

Fee for joining a guild and/or establishing one (only applicable to those who would like to create/join a guild, recruit troops and earn 5% of members Play to Earn winnings - refer to Section I - GUILD)

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