Join the guild to build a strong nation

Tips: Each unicorn can only join Guild once during hatching

Welcome to the Guild system, at here we will give you a look at our current system

The rules

  • Any wild unicorns can form a Guild.

  • Each address can only form one Guild.

  • You can choose the Unicorn to become the Guild Master

  • Unicorns that are in Guild and being sold in the Market will be deleted from Guild once someone purchase that Unicorn

  • Transferred Unicorn preserve its Guild

  • If a Guild Leader is sold in the market, when someone purchased it, they'll become that Guild Master. However, address that are already own a Guild Master Unicorn cannot purchase another Guild Master Unicorn

  • To form a Guild, you need to pay 12899 L99 to the system

  • Guild Master can claim Guild Reward up to 5% of Play-to-Earn rewards of the whole Guild Members including the Guild Master. See criteria here:

pageGuild Level
  • To join a Guild, players need to enter exactly every characters of the Guild including case sensitive characters, emojis, special characters, whitespace,... that included in the Guild Name. Once you skip the Guild selection, you cannot reverse.

  • Players cannot enter a guild name that is not existed.

  • Guild Master Unicorn cannot be transferred normally, but need to transfer through the Marketplace.

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